25 Day Countdown to Dreamforce '18!

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25 Days Until Dreamforce
Countdown to Dreamforce

It’s September and we all know what that means - the month of Dreamforce '18. Here at RevCult, we are excited.... and I mean really excited. Every day we’ll show you how we're celebrating. From Monty python, ghostbusters, shields and rabbits, you'll see how it all ties into our story.

So follow our social media to see recent posts and be included in our raffles (prizes, hats, shirts and more)!

Going to Dreamforce? Come see our session with Intuit, vote for us in the Demo Jam, stop by Booth #1850 and/or schedule time to meet us. 

See us at Dreamforce


Day 24

Sept 24.  Tomorrow's Dreamforce!

hatbackpack df18

We're ready to kickoff Dreamforce!

3 places to see us this week:

1. Booth 1850 - Moscone South

2. Dreamforce Presentation: "How Intuit Implemented Shield Platform Encryption in Record Time"
Wednesday 9/26/2018 | 10:15 a.m. - 10:35 a.m. | Moscone West

3. Demo Jam: "Shield Security Cockpit by RevCult"
Wednesday 9/26/2018 | 5:00pm | Admin Theater, Moscone West


Day 23

Sept 23.  2 days to Dreamforce!

Can you spot the RevCult hats from last year's Dreamforce? Come by booth 1850 to grab a hat this year.

df17 hatsdf17 hats 2

Day 22

Sept 22.  3 days to Dreamforce!

Here's a throwback video from last year's Dreamforce where RevCult was discussed during the "Salesforce Shield Vision & Roadmap Session" by Chuck Mortimore & Jason Choy.


Day 21

Sept 21.  4 days to Dreamforce!


A lot of people can get scared when it comes to Data Security & Privacy (GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, HIPAA, etc.). But that's why RevCult is here. For example, during our "Ain't afraid of no GDPR" Salesforce webinar, Brian and Pete talked about GDPR misconceptions, how to take down a giant marshmallow and ensuring GDPR compliance.

Watch the webinar.

Day 20

Sept 20.  5 days to Dreamforce!

Top 5 Dreamforce Sessions for Data Privacy & Data Governance. And speaking of 5... 5 more days to Dreamforce! Hint: be on the lookout for RevCult's products sprinkled throughout these sessions.




Day 19

Sept 19.  6 days to Dreamforce!

Looking forward to friendly competition in the Dreamforce Demo Jam including with our friends at OwnBackup! Learn how both companies can help make your Salesforce more secure.

Demo Jam

Day 18

Sept 18

6 Must Attend Salesforce Shield Sessions at Dreamforce!


Day 17

Sept 17

8 Days to Dreamforce! #DFcountdown

It will be raining shields at Dreamforce once we explain how quickly you can accelerate time to value with Salesforce Shield. 

Our session with Intuit:
• "Intuit Implements Shield Platform Encryption in Record Time" 
• Wednesday, September 26, 10:15 AM - 10:35 AM 
• Moscone West, Frontier Theater

Learn how to: 
• determine how encryption will impact business logic 
• get a single view into your Shield Implementation 
• dramatically reduce audit time 
• report on encryption status for fields.

Day 16

Sept. 16

Who's excited Dreamforce is just 9 days away?! This guy is. Dfcountdown

Follow RevCult's page for prizes and new posts leading up to Dreamforce! #df18


Day 15

Sept. 15

10 days to Dreamforce! #DFcountdown

Brian testing out our new RevCult sunglasses (includes built-in bottle opener) with Privacy Pat and Pete during Friday's webinar. 

Stop by our #Dreamforce booth 1850 to pick up these sunglasses. 

day 15 - individual object webinar- Countdown to Dreamforce

Day 14

Sept. 14

Brian might be taking the webinar themes too seriously…
Day 14 - Dreamforce Countdown! #Dfcountdown
Follow and like a post to enter our hat raffle. 

Watch the GDPR webinar recording: https://info.revcult.com/gdpr-salesforce-webinar-general-data-protection-regulation-part-2


Day 13

Sept. 13

12 days to Dreamforce!

Want a shirt? Follow our RevCult page and like our post to enter the raffle… or stop by booth 1850 at Dreamforce.


Day 12

Sept. 12

13 days to Dreamforce! DFcountdown

Devin loves these camera covers and so will you. Pick one up at our booth 1850.

RevCult, keeping you secure... always.




Day 11

Sept. 11th


Day 10

Sept. 10th

Webinar this Friday! Learn how to find & create all your Salesforce Individual Object records in 1 day!

- Discover & manage the personal information being stored or processed inside your Salesforce org.

- Provide effective support for Individual rights & controls (e.g. GDPR Data Subject Requests, Right to be Forgotten, Portability, etc.).

- Quickly & easily understand which users have what level of access to specific records and why, including the ability to view field level access 

this friday! Webinar - find and create all individual objects in one day


Day 9

Sept. 9th

Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend! Here's a picture of our SSC hat withstanding the elements at the Sequoia National Park. Follow our page and like the post for a chance to win one of our swag items.

SSC hat

Day 8

Sept. 8th

"What's Salesforce Shield?"Andrea uses her whiteboard skills to explain Shield in 50 seconds.




Day 7

Sept. 7th

Get it?

Dreamforce Countdown DFCountdown - Day 7: Giveaway! Follow our page and like the post to be included in next week's giveaway. We'll select the winner by Wednesday Sept. 12th

Webinar recording: https://info.revcult.com/salesforce-security-webinar-how-to-encrypt-and-assess-risk-recording





Day 6

Sept. 6th

Interested in joining an elite team of Salesforce experts? Come chat with us at the Salesforce Dreamforce 2018 Career Fair!

When & where: Sept 27th, 4-7pm at the Salesforce Tower

we're hiring - Countdown to Dreamforce graphics-16-16-16

Day 5

Sept. 5th

Today, Brian Roopesh and Pete were preparing for their Dreamforce session "How Intuit Implemented Shield Platform Encryption in Record Time"

  • Date: 9/26/2018 - Time: 10:15 a.m. - 10:35 a.m. 
  • Location: Moscone West

Edited - Pete, Brian, Roopesh


Day 4

Sept. 4th

The Dreamforce Agenda Builder is live! Add our session "How Intuit Implemented Shield Platform Encryption in Record Time" here: https://success.salesforce.com/sessions?eventId=a1Q3A00001XoCSUUA3#/session/a2q3A000001WZTWQA4

Day 4 - Dreamforce Agenda Builder-15-15

Day 3

Sept. 3rd

Here are 3 places to see RevCult at Dreamforce:

1. Dreamforce Presentation: "How Intuit Implemented Shield Platform Encryption in Record Time"

  • Wednesday 9/26/2018 - 10:15 a.m. - 10:35 a.m. - Moscone West

2. Demo Jam: "Shield Security Cockpit by RevCult"

  • Wednesday 9/26/2018 - 4:45 pm - Admin Theater, Moscone West

3. Booth #1850

  • Prizes for those who can find us (we might be hidden off in a corner)



Day 2

Sept. 2nd

Any other San Diegans enjoying the beach this long weekend? We are! 


Day 1

Sept. 1

Here's to the start of our 25 Day Countdown! We'll be celebrating every day and raffling prizes to those following, liking and commenting on our posts.





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