Keeping Your COO Happy...From Shadow IT to Citizen Developer

Posted by Craig Probus
Craig Probus”

Just before last month's Dreamforce event, Salesforce announced the App Cloud, a tool helping companies quickly build business applications. The App Cloud is a set of tools that will align the CTO and COO to support Line-of-Business (LOB) functions. Why?

Because quite often, an enterprise IT shop has a huge backlog of requests, and the COO wish list usually falls to the bottom of the list due to higher priorities for client-facing features, market demands, and compliance. The App Cloud provides a path leveraging “Citizen Development” while maintaining Enterprise level security.

Shadow IT

The lack of priority and urgency in response to requests from LOB leaders has led to the rise of “Shadow IT," which happens when non-IT employees use technology (e.g., Microsoft Access, Salesforce) that is outside the realm of the Enterprise IT group. At first, this is great for the COO and LOB leaders, as they can use technology to solve their business challenges. So what’s the problem?

  • For the business group: Over time, the business group needs to support the technology as it becomes evermore mission critical and technical maintenance is required
  • For Enterprise IT: These Shadow IT solutions are not included in compliance processes, business continuity functions, and security.

The App Cloud converts “Shadow IT” into “Citizen Development”

Using the Salesforce App Cloud allows a company to leverage both their Enterprise IT developers and non-IT employees to build functionality on the same platform, utilizing the same Enterprise security model and compliance processes.

The Salesforce1 platform has already proven itself as a PaaS solution to build Enterprise business applications that are natively integrated with CRM data. Now, a “Citizen Developer” in a non-IT role can use Salesforce’s point-and-click tools to create applications to automate common workflows and approval processes. The Enterprise IT team can leverage Salesforce Shield for centralized IT governance, while Salesforce manages all of the hardware.

Imagine how agile your company would be if you could leverage tech-savvy Operations employees to build tools for managing workflow and approval processes. The App Cloud provides alignment between the CTO and COO to accomplish business objectives rapidly and with security. 

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