While COVID-19 has upended operations of so many firms today, how do InfoSec, Legal, and Compliance executives adapt their Security & Compliance policies to enable a remote workforce and ensure client trust? Where are the risks, and where are the major opportunities?

RevCult teamed up with Security & Compliance experts from Salesforce and Silverline to share 4 major strategies to enable secure digital operations. We discussed how to:

  • Prepare your policies for temp and remote workers
  • Be proactive with your security controls
  • Set the stage for reactive response
  • Be ready for change

Recorded: April 30, 2020


  • JP Owens,  Director, Banking & Lending at Silverline
  • Jill Harrison, Vice President, Silverline Ventures
  • Pete Thurston, Chief Product & Solutions Officer at RevCult
  • Rob Burkett, Director, Banking & Lending Solutions at Silverline

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Security Risk Assessment Checklist: Download this checklist for a guide through 5 critical steps to assess whether your Salesforce security controls are configured to adequately safeguard your data. Learn where you’re at risk, and start prioritizing opportunities to harden your security posture.