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Experts from NIST, Salesforce, RevCult, FairWarning and OwnBackup on current cybersecurity threats and best practices: This on-demand webinar addresses the advantages of the NIST framework, Salesforce Shield security controls, and the security challenges of a remote workforce. Bruce Schneier, an internationally renowned security technologist and "security guru," joins the webinar to provide his perspective on how to create an innovative cybersecurity program.  

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salesforce-3-569548 Security and Data Privacy Considerations For Bringing Employees Back To The Workplace - Mike Smith, Master Technical Architect - Security, Salesforce

Holistic Cloud Security NIST Framework


Why and How to Build a Defense in Depth Approach to Security - Mike Mason, Ed Ponte, and Adrian Kunzle 




Benefits of Using a Framework in Your Security Journey - Amy Mahn, International Policy Specialist, NIST


Hosts: RevCult / FairWarning / OwnBackup / Salesforce

Ed Ponte


Adrian n


Mike Smith, CISSP _ LinkedIn


Amy Mahn


Ed Ponte,                    Security & Governance Engagement Leader 


Mike Mason                        VP of Emerging Markets



Adrain Kunzle                    Head of Product and Strategy

OwnBackup (1)

Mike Smith                  Master Technical Architect - Security


Amy Mahn                International Policy Specialist