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Webinar On-Demand + Download Presentation

As the volume, velocity and variety of data in Salesforce continues to increase, so have the demands on Data and System Architects to accelerate the pace of innovation. Together, these trends have led to a growing call for data security to be embedded earlier in the DevOps cycle. While this idea of “shifting left,” isn’t new, getting it right can be difficult.

In this on demand webinar, a panel of leading Salesforce architects, developers, and security experts show insights into the evolution of Salesforce development, including:

  • The most common ways teams get it wrong, from insecure code to misconfigurations
  • The trade-offs and pitfalls of Salesforce’s “low-code, no-code” approach
  • From CI/CD to OCD, how to enable and influence developers to do the right thing
  • Whether you’re committed to DIY or ready to implement automation tools, we’ll discuss what to look out for and a rubric for decision-making

You’ll also learn steps you can take right now to make an impact, and actionable insights on the tools and technologies that exist today but often come with trade-offs that are rarely discussed.


  • Andrew Hart, Salesforce Technical Architect, Director of Technical Architects at OwnBackup
  • Craig Probus, Director of Product, OwnBackup
  • Lorenzo Frattini, CEO, Clayton 
  • Brian Olearczyk - CRO, RevCult - Moderator
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Andrew Hart

Brian Olearczyk
Craig Probus
Director of Product
Lorenzo Frattini
Andrew Hart
Salesforce Technical Architect
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