2020-06 Webinar - CASB to Shield - Tuhin

Webinar On Demand + Download Presentation

In this on-demand webinar we'll discuss what a CASB is (a non-Salesforce-native security and monitoring solution aimed at homogenizing common security concerns across various cloud platforms) and why migrating from a CASB to Salesforce Shield (a Salesforce-native encryption solution)  can provide speed and simplicity along with encryption. Additionally, we'll review what a best-practice migration road map looks like, and how to manage operational adoption.

We'll offer key takeaways for customers looking to perform migrations to Shield Platform Encryption, with highlights on these key elements:

  • Complexity is compounded when this implementation includes a migration from a legacy encryption solution, e.g. CipherCloud, Symantec Cloud Data Protection, SkyHigh and others
  • Best practices, common pitfalls and considerations for an ideal encryption migration journey

Hosts: Salesforce / RevCult 

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Tuhin Kumar
Senior Product Manager, Security


Brian Olearczyk,




Pete Thurston
Chief Product & Solutions Officer