9.1.21 Webinar - CISOs talk shop

Extreme agility. Always have a strategy. Focus on the basics instead of “shiny objects.“  Earlier this year, our panelists summed up what they learned in 2020 with these nuggets of wisdom - along with some unexpected positives - and what drove their security mindsets for 2021.

Now, we’ve invited them back to share more of what they’re learning, thinking and doing about security and innovation on their mission-critical platforms, in what continues to be a most challenging time to be in the business of information security.

This on demand webinar will take a conversational approach to current data security challenges. Moderated by RevCult’s Brian Olearczyk, CRO, the speakers include senior security executives: Thomas Davis, CISO, Terminix; Pat Benoit, VP, Global Cyber GRC/BISO, CBRE; and Jonathan Hay, SVP/CISO, Cadence Bank, N.A.

Our topics for this informal discussion include:

  • From ransomware attacks to data breaches, cybersecurity and data security continue to make headline news. So what’s the next “New Normal” look like for security leaders?
  • What are today’s strategies for bridging the needs of information security with business innovation - especially where they intersect with Salesforce and other cloud platforms?
  • What’s on the horizon for security leaders, such as fostering a culture of compliance, and planning ahead for audits, certifications, security remediation and more.


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Brian Olearczyk
Thomas Davis
Pat Benoit
VP, Global Cyber GRC/BISO
Jonathan Hay