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Webinar On-Demand + Download Presentation

Big data is getting bigger. From megabytes, to gigabytes, and terabytes...By now, it’s estimated that the digital universe can be measured in zettabytes (40+ zettabytes!*). Business leaders and Information Security pros alike will continue to be challenged with both managing data and securing it. Data classification can be foundational by providing a data governance framework that makes securing data easier, but also unlocks insights into its value and best uses.

In this on demand webinar Andy Ognenoff, Managing Director, Certified Technical Architect at Accenture and Brian Olearczyk, CRO at RevCult, discuss:

  • Why data classification is important, and how it contributes to sustainable data security, governance & compliance
  • The benefits of data classification (and common misconceptions), such as improving business operations, and increasing value from security budgets
  • Why your project must start with getting enterprise-wide buy-in to the value of data classification and how to sell it to your stakeholders
  • The complexities of classifying data on Salesforce, and how to navigate common roadblocks, and the choices between automation and tooling vs manual, people-powered approaches
  • Best practices and recommendations for leveraging data classification to create an enterprise-wide data governance framework that supports multiple objectives and operational resilience

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Brian Olearczyk
Andy Ognenoff
Managing Director, Certified Technical Architect