Salesforce’s flexibility and capacity for massive amounts of data is its superpower - and also its kryptonite.

Salesforce® is a mission-critical platform for many businesses. Yes, it’s a CRM, but also a whole lot more. The platform supports everything from front- and back-end sales to customer service and marketing with rich data.

RevCult’s expertise is protecting and governing the data inside Salesforce. One of the ways we help is by conducting objective, in-depth Security Risk Assessments that provide comprehensive insights into risk areas and prioritized action plans for remediation.

While each client has unique vulnerabilities, we’ve completed enough Security Risk Assessments to see these major risks persistently appear—to the point that we’d call them trends:

Here's the TL;DR

  • Most Salesforce users have been unsuccessful with data classification
  • Many companies lack clear security programs and security expertise for Salesforce
  • Internal data breaches are a serious threat
  • Salesforce DevOps teams are flying blind, security-wise
  • Cross-functional blind spots persist around how a company's Salesforce Org is actually used

As you’ll see in this report, there is no shortage of risks associated with Salesforce, largely because maintaining data security for the platform is a never-ending journey. As the platform grows and matures, so must an organization's security measures. How vulnerable are you? More than you might think. But we have answers. Harnessing the awesome power of Salesforce in a secure way is attainable!