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Security threats are more relevant to your Salesforce data than ever before. If you don’t have the right controls in place, you can’t prevent your most valuable asset – your data, from being compromised. So how can you mitigate security threats in Salesforce? We have the solutions that will simplify your life, increase your Salesforce ROI, and increase your security and productivity to achieve greater business objectives. Learn how you can manage the full lifecycle of an insider threat incident using trusted Salesforce partner platforms FairWarning, OwnBackup, and RevCult.

In this on-demand webinar, FairWarning, OwnBackup, and RevCult discuss how to  manage the full lifecycle of data security incidents and proactively prevent risk in the first place. We’ll help you gain critical visibility into your Salesforce org's user activities to prevent data compromise and secure your most valuable asset. 

RevCult, FairWarning, and OwnBackup will give quick demonstrations on how you can thwart the savviest security threats to Salesforce, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Salesforce Health Cloud, and nCino. Used together, these solutions strengthen your data security, enhance your organization’s security posture, and accelerate time to value if you’re also using Salesforce Shield. 

Hosts: RevCult / FairWarning/ OwnBackup







Devin Bushweller
Solution Architect



Travis Russow
Account Executive


Matt Kennedy

Solution Architect

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