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Webinar On-Demand + Download Presentation

Brian Olearczyk, CRO at RevCult, recently joined the Resilience.Work virtual event, hosted by Salesforce & OwnBackup, to present on the topic of how to handle data security risks on Salesforce as your business faces today's unprecedented challenges.

In this short, 20-minute webinar, Brian explains that Salesforce has evolved to be much more than a CRM—it’s really a PaaS. Most companies aren’t using Salesforce as it was originally deployed and have applied a tremendous amount of innovation to the platform, expanding its reach to multiple lines of business.

This flexibility is incredibly beneficial, but the innovation largely happens outside the oversight of IT, InfoSec, and Audit teams. The problems many organizations now face is how to confirm their security controls have been implemented and sensitive data is continually protected, as they continue to evolve Salesforce, adapt to remote workforces, and push revenue growth.

Brian offers clear solutions to these problems, including:

  • 5 questions to evaluate your Salesforce risk exposure
  • Eye-opening data about the state of Salesforce security
  • Tactics to take back control of your Salesforce security (why, how, what)
  • Proactive risk-based security approaches (implement, manage, prove)
  • Independent Salesforce security risk assessments

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