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How Compliance Teams Can Develop Governance Frameworks That Work

In this guide, we show how internal auditors and compliance leaders should approach Salesforce security.

  • Challenges that auditors and compliance teams need to be aware of in terms of how their organizations approach their security postures in relation to Salesforce, and how these challenges directly impact how auditors or compliance teams need to think about their organizations' use of Salesforce.
  • The capabilities that Salesforce currently offers to address some of these challenges, such as the Field Audit Trail, options for Platform Encryption, and additional resources available to aid customers.
  • Recommendations for successful auditors and compliance teams that highlight the steps they need to prioritize to ensure that their Salesforce is secure, aligned with current regulations, and prepared for any review by those industry-specific regulatory bodes/agencies.
The RevCult team has expertise in helping auditors and compliance teams achieve their goals and approach Salesforce in a consistent, secure, and effective way in terms of data governance and compliance needs.
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