The Salesforce Security Playbook- How to Bridge the Gap Between InfoSec & DevOps

Webinar On-Demand + Download Presentation

Salesforce has evolved far beyond a traditional CRM into an enterprise PaaS solution that stores high risk, mission critical information – yet companies don't have clear visibility into the risk exposure of their Salesforce environment because they do not have a clear security program for Salesforce or the tooling to support it.

Join us on this webinar to hear the discussion around:

  • The most common security problems that Salesforce Administrators and Developers run into

  • The risks of not having a security program specifically tailored to Salesforce

  • Best practices for efficient, effective collaboration between InfoSec & Salesforce DevOps teams

Our speakers are two of RevCult’s Salesforce security practice leaders: Devin Bushweller, Solution Architect, and Laura Nesbitt, Partner Success Leader. The webinar is moderated by RevCult’s CRO, Brian Olearczyk.

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Brian Olearczyk
Chief Revenue Officer
Devin Bushweller
Solution Architect
Laura J. Nesbitt
Partner Success Leader