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Companies are leveraging Salesforce in more ways than ever intended, adding more and more sensitive customer data to the platform. In this webinar, Pete Thurston, Chief Product and Solutions Officer at RevCult, explains how to know when it’s time to get your Salesforce org assessed for risk from a security and compliance perspective.  

Pete shares common trends and key issues that have emerged from the hundreds of security risk assessments RevCult has performed over the years for clients. He gives you an idea as to how prevalent these issues are, why they occur, and what you can do to avoid them…proactively. Originally presented at the Resilience.Work virtual event, hosted by Salesforce & OwnBackup, you’ll learn ways to make—and keep—security a core focus as you grow and evolve Salesforce.

Pete covers these topics in the webinar:

  • 7 most common security mistakes
  • Unsettling data about the state of Salesforce security
  • 3 steps to figure out where you are now and what to do next
  • Technology options that can help you secure Salesforce
  • Professional services that can provide you with an independent, in-depth assessment

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Pete Thurston,

Chief Product and Solutions Officer