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Webinar On-Demand + Download Presentation

As digital transformation continues to drive innovation in many industries, banking and lending practices in particular are being transformed. Banks are leveraging cloud technology to respond quickly to market changes and drive competitive differentiation in the pursuit of market share. This innovation is driving more and more sensitive data and documents onto the Salesforce Platform. 

This sensitive information and supporting documentation must be secured and proof of those security controls must be readily available for internal and external auditors. In this on-demand webinar, F-Secure and RevCult share the best practices around how to rapidly implement new workloads on Salesforce without compromising security of data and documents.

We've invited a panel of subject matter experts and will hear real-world stories from organizations facing the challenges of innovating rapidly, and securely - such as when banks were suddenly called upon to support economic relief packages, like the PPP, and other immediate initiatives.

We'll also explore these topics, and more:

  • Key challenges and take-aways from the last 6-8 months
  • The importance of “Speed-of-Innovation” - the challenge of problem-solving and implementing at the same time, and how that approach prepares you for future unexpected changes
  • The capabilities that have served banks and lenders well during the Pandemic

Hosts: RevCultF-Secure









Brian Olearczyk
Chief Revenue Officer



Devin Bushweller
Solution Architect



Lou Lieberman
Strategic Business Manager



Daniel Toth
Sales Engineer